We are driven by our clients benefit - and by our four performance dimensions. We might as well call these performance dimensions our guiding principles and holy rules of action. They determine our culture.


Creativity, Quality, Internationality & Strategy

We believe that creativity and strategy are intrinsically connected, as implying strategy leads to result oriented creativity - not just creativity for creativity's sake. The second dimension, quality, is a core principle present in everything we do, wherever we are. A propos the latter: With offices all over the world, our forth performance dimension - internationality - is kind of self-explanatory. We are where the action is and where our clients want us to be. Distance and borders don’t mean a lot to us. 



Creativity is in our hearts and minds. We are design lovers, fashion and lifestyle addicts, color fanatics and communication entrepreneurs - always searching the world for new inspirations and trends.

We are craftsmen in the creative communication process and experienced in the fields of 2D and 3D communication. We know how to develop the best concepts for any target group always having a holistic aspiration to the task. From consulting to production, we define the most effective and visually striking ways to make brands and products more visible and more loveable.



We are regarded as the agency delivering the best quality by the market . This is the result of our early focus on quality excellence and our continued efforts.

We were the first live-marketing agency in Germany with a DIN 9001:2008 quality certification. And are being – successfully - audited by TÜV every single year.

Our pursuit of total quality is relentless. No matter the level of creativity or strategy, when the quality of a project is not 100%, objectives will never be fully reached. Quality control is at the heart of all we do for our clients.



We are here, there, everywhere!

We always have been world travellers with a unquenchable wanderlust. So it was easy for us to go to where our clients wanted us to be. From all over Germany to the city that never sleeps, the glittering lights of Dubai, the history oozing Prague, funky London, hectic Sao Paulo and the new centre of the World, China.

Being part of a country, experiencing the local culture on a daily basis and having local staff enable us to service our client better and more creatively. We will always be German but have embraced the world around us.



Strategy is a major part of what we do. Our strategic solutions division is specialized in analyzing markets, monitoring social media activities, developing corporate communication strategies and evaluating brand experience.

Additionally we regularly publish live-marketing related studies such as current analyses regarding growth markets for live-marketing, target group analyses for events and trend analysis.

Our passion for strategic thinking has led us to live marketing innovations like green events, hybrid events and – most recent – Live Campaigns.

We use our annual trend.lab roadshow in Germany to share our thoughts with clients and industry friends alike. A great learning platform.