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BMW X5 International press launch Vancouver

400 International automotive, business and life-style journalists traveled to Vancouver in Canada to experience the international media launch of the new BMW X5. Every detail had to support the brand and the message of “where Luxury Touches Adventure”.

The jewel of the program was a custom build structure called The BMW X5 City Lodge with design elements that touched on trendy exclusive design combined with pure nature, wild and primal beauty and thrilling outdoor lifestyle. Modernity and adventure permeated the press conference, scenic drives, off road adventures and a variety of daytime activities.

Three days of non stop activities were provided to each wave, all with an overarching goal: create an environment where the journalists will write positively about the vehicle and the experience. That means food has to be perfect. Environment has to be perfect. Drives have to allow for incredible publishable photos. Every detail must be the perfect experience...no exceptions.

The destination was the inspiration for the overall concept. Vancouver combines an impressive skyline with a vibrant city life and pure nature with fjord coasts in front of majestic mountains resulting in a thrilling lifestyle that fits the new BMW X5 to perfection.

Thus inspiring the BMW X5 City Lodge, the main location for the three day program. Overlooking Coal Harbor and the North Shore Mountains it was a magical location. The idea of the structure itself was inspired by the destination...Vancouver...and the importance of the logging industry.

Form follows function defined the construction principle; 3 wood walls which form the walls and the roof at the same time and result in a self supporting building that could be built with no anchorages into the floor which was imperative in this city venue. From the inside the two most impressive parts of the structure was the combination of the projection screens as well as the “windows” onto Vancouver’s surroundings. One of the inside wall surfaces was used in its full size as one projection screen. This created a cinema feeling allowing press to enjoy a short teaser film that was produced for this launch. This was followed by a 30 minute high resolution presentation of the new BMW X5. This was based on the innovative Ventuz technique, using a 3d model of the car to be able to zoom in and out, rotate and show the interior as well as the exterior views of the car.

Abstract fabric panels were cut to fill the visuals edge to edge, and interior fabrics were cut to match the exterior abstract shapes. The “reveal” had to be timed to embrace the projections and on cue to perform a kabuki dropped to reveal the actual car. After the reveal press could look past the car where clear vinyl windows gave a 3 sided overlook to the water line in the near distance.

Modernity and adventure permeated the press conference, scenic drives, off-road adventures and a variety of daytime activities.

We planned not only the press launch but all drive activities to magical Whistler Mountain, a range of lifestyle events including kayaking in a deserted area of Vancouver Island accessible only by seaplane, housing, transportation, staffing and every last detail of a complex program that had to be letter perfect to represent the brand.

The event left all the guests with a awe inspiring impression of Canada and a clear knowledge of the new BMW X5, it’s positioning and capabilities.