Respectful and collaborative cooperation combined with ecological, socially responsible behavior are the VOK DAMS guiding principles for successful business. We consistently adhere to these values, both inside and outside the agency. These essential corporate values are summarized in our Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct reflects the attitude of the entire VOK DAMS Group and associated entities, both internally and externally. It applies equally to all of us. The basis is formed by four values that guide us and make us who we are: passionate, courageous, responsible and respectful to all.

The Code of Conduct represents our claim to constantly live up to the values and principles listed therein. This involves not only compliance with applicable laws as a matter of course, but also obeying to standards of cooperation, environmental protection and human rights. And our conduct towards customers and business partners as well as data protection and online behavior.

In addition, the "Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Service Providers of the VOK DAMS Group" defines the minimum standards for compliance with the entrepreneurial duties of care in the cooperation of all contractual partners of the VOK DAMS Group. This agreement applies as the basis for all business transactions with the VOK DAMS Group.

To safeguard compliance to our guidelines, we have a whistleblower system in place. It ensures that anyone can draw attention to possible compliance violations. Every report is recorded, pre-evaluated and, depending on its content, forwarded confidentially to our compliance team and the executive board. They can be named or made anonymous. Each receipt and the corresponding process is fully recorded for future reference.


Download the VOK DAMS Code of Conduct here.

Download the VOK DAMS Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Service Providers here.


Whistleblower reports can be submitted to our internal compliance team at:

To our internal compliance team: compliance@remove-this.vokdams.de

Or to our external whistleblower system at the Wuppertal law firm Fischer Roloff + Partner: complianceVD@remove-this.fr-p.de

Lawyer Andreas Plümpe, Turmhof 15, 42103 Wuppertal

Phone +49 202 49370-48

Fax +49 202 49370


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