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Daimler Trucks at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show

At the IAA Commercial vehicles show in Hanover, Daimler Trucks presented three brands simultaneously: Mercedes-Benz, FUSO and Setra shared the approximately 16.000 square meters large trade booth.

The more than 70 trucks, delivery vans, buses and special versions of the commercial vehicles brands Mercedes-Benz, FUSO and Setra set the benchmark for economic efficiency, environmental sustainability and safety at the show.

“Motor of the future” was the motto of the overall show and it was well suited to the innovative capacity of Daimler’s commercial vehicles.

Following the booth’s leitmotif “Driving Benchmarks” a fascinating world of experiences was created. The visitors were led to the brand world of Mercedes-Benz, FUSO and Setra by an attractive entrance that was free of all products. It was here, that there were emotionally attuned to the brand experience. Having passed through this, they enjoyed the open booth, where they could emotionally experience the three brand worlds.

Although unified under the umbrella of one corporate group, the individuality of the brands remained distinguishable: Mercedes-Benz, Setra and FUSO defined their areas with their own colors and different flooring materials. The walls at the background also differed: here, the visitors experienced the typical domains of the trucks, delivery vans, buses and special motor vehicles of the respective brands in so-called brand horizons.

Special media benchmark cubes were designed and constructed for the highlight communication, which further explained and highlighted the particular advantages and services of the vehicles. Aside from all this information, fun and entertainment also got their due. At the show stage of Actros and Antos the cult country-rock band BossHoss performed every hour, alternating with other show elements.