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Gala Awards

Successful with Lamborghini
VOK DAMS celebrates spectacular success in the US

At this year’s Gala Awards 2014 in Nashville, the agency for events and live-marketing VOK DAMS succeeded in convincing the judging panels twice. Consequently, the coveted prizes in the categories “Most Outstanding Spectacle” and “Best Event Produced For A Corporation Or Association: Overall Budget Above $ 500,000” were awarded to the agency based in Germany. This but confirms VOK DAMS’ strategy to concentrate its creative potential and to convert this into spectacular events.

An especially successful example for this is “The Fastest City Takeover Ever!“, which was the motto of the launch of the LAMBORGHINI Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster in Miami, and which was one of the projects honored.

400 international dealers as well as lifestyle- and automobile-journalists experienced the extreme performance and the elegant design of a world brand on Miami’s Ocean Drive. It was here, at the “boulevard of the American automobile elite”, that the official presentation was kicked of. A test-drive-parade through town further attracted the attention and admiration of several thousand onlookers and became the talk-of-town. At Miami International Airport, the busiest airport of the United States, a unique high-speed experiment was conducted: at the runway several Lamborghini Aventador Roadster sped in front of a Boing 777 – a PR-spectacle, which went around the world.

The event also kicked-off a Live Campaign – a campaign in which the event is not just a mere communication channel but generates content and thus forms the epicenter of the overall campaign. It is this cohesive approach that turns events into the most important communication measure in the whole marketing mix.

More information at http://specialevents.com/gala-awards


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