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Hybrid Boosting: Practice Review

Machines and technologies that may have seemed visionary a mere ten years ago, have now not only become reality but have become an integral part of daily life for millions of people. Smartphones, tablet PCs and the mobile internet have changed the world and society. Having entered all kind of aspects of daily life, they tremendously impact how we interact with one another, and how we deal with media and with information.

After the VOK DAMS Study on Hybrid Events that was conducted and published last year, an internal analysis of both pitch documents and briefing materials confirmed that this change also impacts the marketing-mix and especially live-marketing. Indeed, a clear trend can be discerned: towards hybrid events that merge live-marketing with mobile applications, with social media and with location-based services.

Hybrid communication elements support and strengthen live communication in a particular way. They give strong impulses, boosting live communication towards new realms. This is why VOK DAMS speaks of “Hybrid Boosting” for classical event communication. This whitepaper is to show the potentials and advantages of hybrid event strategies, giving decision makers and marketing specialists a comprehensive overview over interlinking live-marketing with modern platforms and technologies.

By combining communication channels, hybrid boosting does not only reach a high awareness of the target groups, it also reaches the target group in a much more personal and intensive manner than either classical advertising, PR or sponsoring can. With their playful access to communication, hybrid event elements evoke an enormous activation and high involvement of the participants. They manage to make the complete communication process more fun, more exciting and, in doing so, ensure a more sustained effect.

With a higher contact intensity and longer-lasting contact duration, hybrid events can prolong and strengthen the impact and effect of physical events. Moreover, they offer an increased brand awareness and additional range of coverage.



Download the study here (PDF).


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