Kommunikation Direkt

At VOK DAMS, we believe in the communicative power of direct experience. Connecting Brands and People. Engaging the target audience emotionally through active participation. A memorable experience makes for a strong identification with a brand. There is no substitute for personal experience and face-to-face dialogue.

Communication that connects brands and people. And we keep on proving that this is more than just a claim!

We bring campaigns to life. From 2D to 3D and onward to digital – we turn innovative ideas into integrated marketing measures, always keeping an eye on brands and audiences.

From creation to implementation, from classic to below- the-line, from strategy to guest management – various units, tools and areas of expertise enable us to cover a comprehensive range of communication formats.

There was never a stronger need for “Kommunikation Direkt” than in present days. And to us, it is the one and only answer to the challenge of assuring emotional communication throughout all channels.

Kommunikation Direkt is the heart and soul of all we do. We literally have written the book about it. You can order it here.




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