Mercedes Bank, Employee Event

Mercedes-Benz Bank Premium System "Check In!"

Being fully aware that their sales staff play a key role in the sale of products and services, Mercedes-Benz Bank came to us with the request to develop a  motivational tool to increase sales more systematically. 

“Check In!” was a customized incentive program; this virtual event was developed for the roughly 6,000 members of the German sales team and we managed it for four years in a row. 

Before implementing the incentive program, a detailed analysis of the target group, its desires and the work environment of the target group was conducted. The incentive portfolio was explained through a delineated guide that underscored the significance of the sales contest.  Additional flyers containing up-to-date information completed the print communication.

The logistical elements of the program were developed and managed by a propriety integrated web platform.  A unique interface conducted adjustments with the central external processing center in Stuttgart, Germany.  After the first seven weeks, salespeople earned incentives at a level expected for the program’s first six months.