We are result driven professional communicators. A company culture built on four key assets: Creative mindset, Quality excellence, Global reach & Strategic foundation



Creative Mindset

Creativity is in our hearts and minds. We are design lovers, fashion and lifestyle addicts, color fanatics and communication entrepreneurs - always searching the world for new inspirations and trends.

From consulting to production, we define the most effective and visually striking ways to make brands and products more visible and more loveable.


Quality excellence

We are regarded as the agency delivering the best quality in the market. We were the first live-marketing agency in Germany awarded with a DIN 9001:2008 quality certification, which we successfully renew each year. Quality control is at the heart of all we do for our clients.


Global reach

We are here, there, everywhere! From all over Germany to the city that never sleeps. From the glittering lights of Dubai to the history oozing Prague and funky London. From hectic Sao Paulo to the new epicenter of the World, China.

Being part of a country, experiencing the local culture on a daily basis and having local staff enable us to service our client better and more creatively. We will always be German but have embraced the world around us.


Strategic foundation

There’s rhyme and reason to everything we do. All our actions are based on strategic facts and insights. We analyze markets, monitor social media activities, study the competition and talk to customers. We know what we know. Our passion for strategic thinking has led us to live marketing innovations like Green events, Hybrid events, Live Campaigns and most recently; Agile Event Management





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