Brand story

In its hometown Wuppertal, where it is still headquartered, VOK DAMS started off as a graphics and photo studio, that quickly developed into an advertising agency. Founded by Vok Dams, it’s main asset were so-called Multivisions (then revolutionary slide shows, which were arranged in such a way as to create an artistic film effect) which were created and produced here from 1971 onwards and used mainly at trade shows.

Soon after, VOK DAMS specialized in audio-visual programs. From here it was only a small step to develop and spread out into different communication means and measures, into such diverse routes as trainings as well as professional videos.

Direct communication with specific target groups increasingly became important for corporations and, simultaneously an increasingly important field of expertise for VOK DAMS. And soon conferences for field staff, product launches or dealer meetings, motivational seminars or strategy forums became part of the agency’s portfolio.

In 1985, VOK DAMS focused on this growing demand for event organization by founding a specialized events unit. In 1999, the slide-show and video production were sourced out and the events unit was developed further into specialist units for concept, implementation and logistics.

In 1998, Vok’s son Colja M. Dams joined as CEO. And national and international expansion of the agency followed suit. In 1999 the first VOK DAMS office outside Wuppertal opened in Munich. 2000 witnessed the opening of VOK DAMS America and VOK DAMS France, the first international affiliates. Followed by VOK DAMS China Ltd. in Beijing in 2004. 

In 2005, the VOK DAMS Institute for Live-Marketing was founded, which developed into VOK DAMS.Consulting two years later.

The following years witnessed several national and international expansions.

To cater for clients based in the North of Germany, an office was founded in Hamburg in 2006. And to better cater for the increasing international demand, VOK DAMS Middle East FZ-FLLC was established shortly afterwards, in 2007. Frankfurt/Main (2007), Stuttgart (2009), Berlin (2009) were opened in Germany. Abroad, further subsidiaries were founded in Shanghai (2009), London (2010), in Prague and in São Paulo (both 2012), followed by Vienna, Hong Kong and Tallinn in 2019.

To further strengthen the creative expertise of the agency, the separate creative units “Creative Solutions” and “Hybrid Solutions” were founded in 2012, which specialize in new creative and digital communication ideas and tools.

In addition, the expansion into specialized fields was advanced by establishing expert subsidiaries, and bringing industry leading entities into the VOK DAMS fold. 42 Incentives (2007) for corporate incentive schemes and travel. 42 Promotion (2008) for all promotional activities with a drive and car-handling spin-off called 42 Drive (2010).

In 2014 VOK DAMS took a share in the Hamburg-based Creative Agency CE+Co to strengthen its market position as a specialist for ambitious events and comprehensive live-marketing activities. Also in 2014, VOK DAMS invested in the independent company Creative Sales Consulting to bolster its commitment to the role out of live campaign concepts.




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