No creativity without strategy. No strategy without research. Here you find a list of all our strategic and creative studies.


Nachhaltige Events agil umgesetzt: Erfahrungen und Best Practices

Colja Dams (CEO VOK DAMS Group) and Sabine Böhling (sb² concepts) show how agencies and service providers need to change in order to ensure sustainable events. They not only point out a few levers for sustainable events, but also start with the organization. The combination of agile and sustainable event management results in a future-proof method of developing events strategically, conceptually, creatively and logistically, and all of this sustainably.

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Agiles Event Management: Vom „Wow" zum „How" im erfolgreichen Event Management

Colja M. Dams (CEO VOK DAMS Group) shows how working methods and organisational structures in companies and agencies have changed and must change even more in times of digitalization.

Developed from the best of agile management approaches of the software industry (Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking) the agile project and event management offers the answer to demands of all individuals in the implementation of efficient and complex communication strategies.

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Life Campaigns: Event-Kampagnen als Konzept einer wirkungsvollen Marketing-Kommunikation

Colja M. Dams (CEO VOK DAMS Group) and Stefan Luppold (DHBW) offer the evidence to success of new marketing concepts in the common practice. The authors show that live campaigns bring fundamental change to the event topography and focus on face-to-face communication. Interaction and target groups play an important role just as the possibility to carry out a concept without time limits.

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Code Rouge

CODE ROUGE was written by VOK DAMS founder Vok Dams and the current CEO, Colja M. Dams. It highlights the principles of success for events and live-marketing from a strategic perspective, supported by real life case studies.

CODE ROUGE demonstrates the significance of live-marketing and offers different approaches to its strategic and goal-oriented application.

CODE ROUGE traces the successes in live communication back to their roots, analyses and systematizes experience so that successes can be repeated and results can be planned and calculated.

CODE ROUGE is a “How to think”-book. It is a sophisticated basis for your own ideas and concepts. It furthermore provides suggestions for your own projects.

CODE ROUGE – a book that inspires the reader to think creatively and take the first step towards a direct and efficient communication.

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50 Jahre Kommunikation Direkt

50 Jahre Kommunikation Direkt tells the story of the search for more intensive and result driven communication. From photography and classical advertising, to audio visual communication and event marketing, all accumulating in today’s communication programs including social media applications.

Next to the author, Vok Dams, who founded the VOK DAMS agency and played a major role in the event industry, 24 influential figures of the German event industry and peripheral sectors, also look back on 50 years of direct communication.

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Die besten Fußball-Logen Deutschlands

Rooms and interiors can evoke moods, tell stories, display creativity and similarly, rooms host exceptional events and happenings. A basis for innovation and emotions. 

Published by Creative Agency CE+Co, a company of the VOK DAMS Group, this book „Die besten Fußball-Logen Deutschlands“ opens up new perspectives in the areas of interiors, design and communication by taking the example of the best soccer stadium skyboxes in Germany. 

Available at Amazon (German language only)


Hybride Events

In Hybride Events, the authors Professor Stefan Luppold (DHBW) and Colja M. Dams illustrate based on project cases the effectiveness of Hybrid Events. Combining live experiences and digital channel communications, this book reveals how Hybrid Events can unleash their potential to successfully enhance the intensity and to reach the target audience.

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Digital Maturity Index: How Digital is your Event Marketing?

The VOK DAMS Digital Event Marketing Maturity Index is our new model for determining the level of digital maturity and identifying areas for development in event marketing departments. Use our free self-check now.

Connecting Experiences

We create seamless brand experiences across all brand communication channels. How do we do that? The key element is a flexible, agile brand experience hub that enables a perfectly smooth brand experience.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in Events

What advantages does DE&I offer in companies or specifically at events? In our international study we will show you the correlation between successful events and the implementation of DE&I.

Marketing Goes Metaverse

In our international study, we would like to give you an insight and overview of the possibilities, opportunities and potentials that the metaverse offers for marketing and, in particular, for event marketing.

Boost your Live-Marketing with NFTs

With NFTs, we offer another strong, digital way for brand experience. Find out more about the "why" and "how"!

The Future of Roadshows is Hybrid

Roadshows offer a special potential of direct target group approach. With the experience of recent years, they become hybrid today!

Success Factors of Hybrid & Digital Events

After 439+ hybrid and digital events in 2020, we conducted a comprehensive study on the success criteria of these event formats.

Live+ Marketing Automation - Data-Driven Events

Live+ Marketing Automation - Data-driven events: Faster, more sustainable, more effective and more efficient results in marketing

VOK DAMS Corporate Experience Center

A brand becomes an experience. VOK DAMS takes the decisive step from Brand World to Corporate Experience Center.

VOK DAMS Playroom

The VOK DAMS Playroom is a pop-up innovation room that allows you to think outside the box.

Hybrid Events: Future Report

This report questions and aims to explain how current developments and trends influence and form the requirements of marketing events and how they will affect event design in the future

Hybrid Boosting: Practice review

A comprehensive overview of the interlinkings of live marketing with modern online platforms and technologies

User generated incentive

Incentive Programmes in Times of Social Media

Viral Marketing

Planning, Seeding and Controlling Viral Marketing in the Social Web

Hybrid Events

Innovation trend in live-marketing

Anniversary Study 2.0

From Strategic Plannic to Hybrid Event

Events and Web X.0

Networked Worlds – User Generated Events

Getting on the Evening News with Events

Options and Ways to achieve optimal Media Coverage

Live Communication and Change

Requirements for Change Processes initiated by Communication Instruments, plus their potential Effectiveness

Natural Attention Grabbers

Employing Celebrities in Live Marketing

CO2 And Live Marketing

Sustainable Communication and CO²

On the Strategic Relevance of Live Marketing

Analysis of Chances and Benefits of this Particular Marketing Instrument

United Arab Emirates - Superlative at the Persian Gulf

Study on Marketing and Usage of Marketing Tools in the UAE

German Automotive Journalists - a very special target group

Study on the Relevance of Live Marketing for Automotive Journalists

Megatrends in Live Marketing

Comprehensive Study that pioneers in the Field of analyzing Trends and Tendencies of Live Marketing

Excellence in Events

Live Marketing in the Field of Tension between Efficiency and Centralization


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