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VOK DAMS joins
UN Global Compact

Sustainability and social responsibility are issues that are intensely discussed, also within the events industry

As an international specialists for events and one of the leading agencies for events and live-marketing internationally, VOK DAMS has already years ago begun looking into this.

Accordingly, VOK DAMS presented a CO2 calculator on its homepage, which made it possible for event planners to determine a first approximate value of the amount of CO2 consumption for their respective event. Since 2010, this calculator is also available as an app. And its underlying standard is further substantiated by the VOK DAMS whitepaper “CO2 and live-marketing”. Since then, the CO2-neutral agency has also been offering consulting in matters of sustainability to its clients.

And thus it was merely the next logical step for VOK DAMS to commit to the principles of the network for corporate responsibility of the United Nations.
The Global Compact of the United Nations is a strategic initiative for companies, who commit themselves to align their business activities and strategies to ten universally acknowledged principles, from human rights, job norms, environmental protection to the fight against corruption.

Economy as an important driving force of globalization can thus contribute to all economic regions and societies benefiting from the development of markets and trade relations as well as of technologies and finance.

This growing awareness is mirrored in the vibrant growth of the Global Compact. With more than 8.700 participants from over 140 countries, it is the largest initiative of socially active companies and other stakeholders world-wide.

Colja M. Dams, CEO of VOK DAMS summarizes the decision to join the Global Compact as such: “For us as a company that operates all over the world, it is both our standard and our responsibility to commit ourselves in our offices all over the world to adhere to the German standards in social as well as in ecological matters.“

Information on the UN Global Compact www.unglobalcompact.org


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