Vok Dams

Agency founder Volkwart Dams alias Vok Dams


With VOK DAMS since 1974

Started his career as a photographer

Simone Thomsen

Director Munich

With VOK DAMS since 2013

A passionate cook

Dr. Frank C. Wintgens

Director of Event Management in our Berlin Office Dr. Frank Wintgens

Director Berlin

With VOK DAMS since 2009

Lives and breathes jazz

Christian Obladen

Chief Financial Officer

With VOK DAMS since 2017

Enthusiastic racing cyclist, who is still not be able to stop playing golf

Christian Schlüter

Chief Growth Office Christian Schlüter

Chief Growth Officer

With VOK DAMS since 2016

A convinced Ruhr-Bavarian native

Sandra Hiller

Director Wuppertal HQ

With VOK DAMS since 1994

Collects classic German cars

Colja M. Dams

Portrait Colja M. Dams CEO von VOK DAMS

Chief Executive Officer

With VOK DAMS since 1988

A keen amateur magician

Rik Dams

Director of VOK DAMS France Rik Dams

Director France

With VOK DAMS since 2001

Can sing La Marseillaise back to front

Martin Schulz

Director Guest Management and IT

Bei VOK DAMS since 2002

He can do it in the mix!

Ulrike Ellmann

Director of Event Management in Frankfurt Ulrike Ellmann

Director Frankfurt

With VOK DAMS since 2004

Speaks fluent Mandarin

Claudia Köhler

Corporate Vice President Claudia Koehler

Corporate Vice President

With VOK DAMS since 2008

Has green fingers

Richard Stewart

Director North America

With VOK DAMS since 2014

An aspiring screenwriter

Katja Sassi-Bucsit

Director of Event Management in our Peking Office Katja Sassi Bucsit

Director China

With VOK DAMS since 2010

Rescues Chinese stray dogs in her spare time

Martin Klingler

Director Stuttgart

With VOK DAMS since 2018

A generalist rather than a general - his passions ranging from ball sports to ballet, from water to wine and from Württemberg to Walachia