Guest management is a central and complex task in event management, and its neglect can have dramatic consequences: There’s no second chance for the first impression! That’s why a perfectly smooth procedure asks for professional guest management experts.

Systems for online registration and visitor management have to be developed, VIPs treated individually, fast and efficient travel routes and shuttles must be planned, invitations and mailings designed, feedback politely requested, on-site services such as the flexible production of name cards offered, and a thorough and added value-oriented follow-up has to be ensured.

In addition to these tasks, numerous pitfalls are waiting, as countless details must be considered. So it’s not exactly a surprise that guest management is increasingly outsourced to external services. A development partly owned to ever-rising expectations of guests.

Our experience, expertise and wholesome way of looking at all event sequences and trades make us the ideal partner for optimizing the execution of your event - from planning to implementation, from on-site deployment to wrap us. Don’t hesitate contacting us!





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