For years, the VOK DAMS guest management supports with individual concepts and ideas their clients in the professional approach to their guests.

This success has nothing to do with fortunate coincidence - 25 years of experience with international guests and the inclusion of current trends form the basic ground.

Companies are currently faced with the task of preparing events in less time. With the inclusion of events in the brand communication measurability of the success of guestmanagement wins new importance. The situation is aggravated by an increasing reduction of budgets.

The first speech of the guest paved the way for the success of the event. What is true for large or unique events, of course, is also important for standard events. Again, the well-being of the guest must be placed consistently in the center.

In order to provide the know-how of event and guest management experience to all customers, the successful software can now be purchased under the name VOK DAMS StaR for self-contained use by the client.

The special features of VOK DAMS StaR: is consistently based on customer and participant needs, not on technical possibilities. This means easy handling, interaction opportunities for visitors, authentic brand image of the company and of course a sympathetic, emotional appeal. The guest must be addressed at all stages of the event feel comfortable and individually.

Clients already using VOK DAMS StaR, are enthusiastic about the modular service packages of tools and the positive feedback they receive from their guests.





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