Digital Solutions

Digital Brand Experiences

With our digital solutions, we create tailor-made and exciting digital brand experiences and unique impactful digital worlds. Whether trade fair, dealer event, press conference, management conference or product launch, we bundle our online and offline event expertise to engage, motivate and delight a wide variety of target groups.

Digital events are both the present and the future and marketing communication can no longer be imagined without them. Our digital solutions are seamlessly integrated into your existing marketing strategy to create a unmistakable brand experience unique to your brand.

The VOK DAMS Open Platform for Hybrid Events is the backbone of our digital event technology. It’s a flexible white label solution capable of integrating of other, proven IT systems. An open platform that offers the flexibility to bundle proven services fitting the chosen digital event concept. Whether Zoom, Webex, Vimeo, Meetyoo, PayPal or even virtual applause, many online services can be integrated into the open platform. All applications exist in a user-friendly and individually branded environment without barriers and securely accessible via a single sign-on. This creates a real digital event experience. IT / cyber security aspects and the resulting customer requirements are taken into account and mapped here. Certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27017, GDPR-compliant and with servers in Germany, the VOK DAMS Hybrid Event Open Platform solution can be used for confidential data with confidence.

We make your event digital!



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