Hybrid Solutions

We are hybrid boosters and digital freaks. We live content, constantly mixing the real and the virtual.  Creating true Live Campaigns.

Integrating social media activities to communication and campaigns, developing and programming apps, managing digital content for events or exhibitions; we make sure your brand is connected to both, the real and the digital world.

We define Hybrid events as live-marketing plus MoSoLo (mobile applications, social media, location-based services) and know that Hybrid events will continue to shape live-communication in the very near future. Event organizers thus should not shirk from introducing their participants early on to new functions and possibilities.

Marketing experts and event organizers have to face the fact that the target groups of today have grown up with the Internet and regard smartphones, tablet PCs, 3D television, mobile apps and social networks as an absolutely natural matter of course.

The future of live-communication will be less shaped by new, groundbreaking technological innovations, but rather by how already existing tools are applied in event communication. Mobile applications, social media networks and location-based services should not merely be used as alluring add-ons, but have to be utilized sensibly and with taking a long-term view. Game concepts that build on MoSoLo or gamification, such as alternate reality games, can make live-communication a lot more exciting and can captivate participants over a long time.





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