Like everything else we do, we choose our partners carefully. As a family owned brand, we value honesty, reliability and a sense of familiarity in our partners. We strongly believe in our partners and have been working with most of them for an extended period of time. Our partners are – although independent – a strong part of our family.


CE+Co Creative Live Production 

Creative experts with a talent for impressive creative productions

Cedric Ebener

+49 40 226223-660


United Agencies for Sports Marketing 

Through the line agency specializing in all matters of sports

Frank Feldmann

+49 69 3660060-10


Moonda Digital Solutions 

Design and development of digital strategies

Rik Dams

+33 5 56 79 12 19



The strategic marketing consultancy with the speed of an agency

Hannes Putzig

+49 30 2201267-00


42 Promotion 

Full service agency with in-house promotional staff and lots of ideas

Arkadiusz Radziejewski

+49 30 810331-780


42 Drive 

Specialist driver and logistic support for driving experiences and automotive launches

Arkadiusz Radziejewski

+49 30 810331-780


42 OnTime 

Manpower Roll-Out Support for large scale projects

Arkadiusz Radziejewski

+49 30 810331-780


42 Incentive 

Incentive travel solutions from Amsterdam to Zanzibar

Silvia Ganser

+49 69 1382439-42