Creating Sustainable Results: Sustainability as a Guiding Principle for Events

Under the motto "Creating Sustainable Results," we at VOK DAMS have defined a mission: to establish sustainability as an integral part of events and to support our clients in designing projects that have long-term positive impacts on the environment and society.

Our approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, which considers ecological, social, and economic aspects equally. With a wide range of services and a strong commitment, we aim to not only make events and live marketing successful but also responsible.

Our range of services in sustainability reflects the diversity and complexity of this important topic. Whether acting as an executing event agency, supporting as external experts and consultants, or offering individual services - our goal is to actively support and achieve overarching sustainability objectives.


Agile Sustainable Event Management

Our Agile Sustainable Event Management provides tailored solutions for more sustainable events. Depending on the objectives and weighting of sustainability criteria, we collaborate with our clients to design the event management process - from planning and organization to implementation, we consider all ecological, social, and economic aspects to the best of our ability. We rely on a holistic, partnership-based, and agile approach that allows us to achieve the greatest impact together with our clients and to flexibly respond to changes.


CO2 Accounting for Sustainable Events

Our CO2 accounting service offers a thorough analysis of the CO2 footprint of events and live marketing according to recognized international standards and practical solutions to improve the environmental balance. From estimating the CO2 footprint to detailed reporting according to the highest data standards - we support making events and live marketing more climate-friendly.


Sustainability Strategy Development

Discover the full potential of a tailored sustainability strategy for events and live marketing with us. Together, we analyze your current initiatives, identify focal points, and develop clear action plans to make your events more sustainable and successful in the long term.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Check

Our DE&I Check aims to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of events. Through a thorough review of all event components, we ensure that events are accessible and appealing to all participants, regardless of their backgrounds and needs. With concrete recommendations for optimizing your events, we support creating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere and strengthening your commitment to diversity and equality.


Supplier Sustainability Check

Our Supplier Sustainability Check evaluates the sustainability performance of event service providers throughout the entire supply chain. From procurement to disposal, we ensure that service providers meet high sustainability standards and contribute to shaping a sustainable future. Through comprehensive assessment, we consider not only environmental aspects but also social and ethical practices of suppliers in detail.


AI-based Destination Research

Our AI-based destination research offers a data-driven solution for quickly selecting event venues. An essential step towards more sustainable events is integrating environmentally friendly practices when selecting the location. However, costs are also crucial in the selection process. The use of the VOK DAMS AI DestinationFinder can play a significant role in this. This tool was developed to calculate the CO2 emissions and costs associated with the travel of event participants and to identify approaches for reducing them.


Workshops & Training for Sustainable Events

Our workshops and training provide the ideal opportunity to raise teams' awareness of sustainable live marketing and prepare them for implementation. Together with experienced trainers and speakers, we not only impart the required theoretical knowledge but also focus strongly on the interactive communication of practical solutions for successfully integrating sustainability into events. The workshops often serve as a basis for the development of guidelines, standards, and briefings, thus providing an important strategic impulse to initiate the path towards more credible and serious sustainability in event marketing.


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