Agile Event Management


From “Wow” to “How” in successful event management

For long we only have only dealt with the „Wow“: the best formats of successful direct business communication. And were very successful with this approach.

However, the „How“ was kind of neglected while developing the new formats of the future. In an area where time is a limited asset and which is characterized by constant changes, classic project management reaches its limits. This is why we have developed the solution VOK DAMS Agile Event Management.

We developed it based on the best of the agile management approaches of the software industry (Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking) and combined it with our proven quality management according to ISO 9001 ff.

Agile project event management thus provides the answer to the requirements of all those involved in the implementation of efficient and complex communication strategies. With our agile project event management, we have now replaced the more traditional working method of our communication agency. Agile Event Management with more initiative and responsibility, with adaptive planning, quick coordination and the courage to change when required.

With this white paper we would like to inform you about this exciting new chapter in our agency history.



Download the study here (PDF).


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