Portrait Colja M. Dams CEO von VOK DAMS

VOK DAMS introduces
agile project management


Agile Event Project management
As first event agency, VOK DAMS introduces agile project management

Currently, all industries are experiencing a radical upheaval. Digital transformation, disruption, economy 4.0, the Internet of Things and Big Data force agencies and clients alike to extend their business models.

Accordingly, established large companies invest into own start-ups to develop these new business models. Driver of this development are not least the clients, for whom the handling of digital technologies and communication channels has become as a matter of course.

The new requirements do, of course, also apply to corporate communication, where the special effectiveness of combining the live-experience with digital communication has prevailed.

With hybrid events and live campaigns VOK DAMS, agency for events and live-marketing, has for the past years been offering solutions, which allow their clients a successful and target-group adequate communication.

But what are the effects of the digital revolution on agencies? How does an agency need to set itself up to optimally support their clients in this respect?

VOK DAMS now enters the next phase with its quality management system and as first agency introduces agile project management.

The agile principles, techniques and methods, as well as the cooperation in agile teams, which are already known from digital industry, are consequently adapted by VOK DAMS to modern, innovative marketing. Agile project management is based on a clear project structuring in conjunction with a self-reliant team organization and the highest degree of flexibility, which is integrated into the process already at the beginning of a project.

The feedback from the first projects, which VOK DAMS implemented applying agile project management, shows encouraging results: an increased dedication and motivation of the involved employees, more independence and self-responsibility in the teams, even more reliable results, an increase of pace and flexibility and an overall higher effectiveness.

Agile project management is clearly the project management of the future.