Amazing Moments
for ŠKODA Octavia

VOK DAMS stages a beautiful experience at the World Dealer Conference

At the ŠKODA World Dealer Conference 4,500 international ŠKODA dealers, distributors and fleet managers were to be prepared for the launch of this milestone, not just as regards content but also emotionally, truly following the motto “The New Power of ŠKODA – Amazing. Everyday.”

ŠKODA yet again entrusted the automobile experts of VOK DAMS, agency for events and live-marketing with the realization of this rather complex task. Creating “Amazing Moments” was the mission and it thus became the central theme of the 1.5-day-long program for the 10 consecutive groups of guests.

The program kicked-off with a driving experience full of “Amazing Moments”, which took up the surprising “clash” of the traditional and the modern. Amazing car attributes not only underlined the love for detail but also emphasized the claim “Simply clever”. The fascinating, emotional and at the same time informative program for the ŠKODA-guests closed with an interactive exhibition at the next day.

As Sandra Hiller, member of the VOK DAMS management board and responsible for this project, sums up the event:

“The implementation of the classical campaign into the real experience of the new Octavia was very important to us. We are delighted that the feedback of the guests proves that we accomplished this.”


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