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Kurs Zukunft


Staged by VOK DAMS: BUWOG German-Austrian Friendship

The BUWOG Group is the leading German-Austrian full-service provider in the residential property sector and looks back on a wide-ranging experience that covers nearly 60 years. Today it is also one of the most important real estate companies on the German market.

In 2012 BUWOG entered the new residential construction market in Germany with the acquisition of a well-known Berlin development company in 2012 and is currently working on a project pipeline of roughly 1,600 apartments.

In intensive workshops employees from Austria and Germany now met in Hamburg, to jointly establish the basis for further success in intensive workshops true to the theme “KURS ZUKUNFT” (Direction future).

540 participants experienced an intensive, diversified and emotional event in Germany’s attractive Hanseatic city, which proved to be the perfect location for “KURS ZUKUNFT”.

The close dovetailing of content and emotion following the maxim “if you want to convince people you have to inspire them”, is one of the core competencies of the VOK DAMS Group. And it was this synergetic liaison of both competences in content and in emotion that also convinced BUWOG.




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