CO² and Live-Marketing

Hardly any other topic is discussed as heatedly as efficient solutions for environmental, energy and transport policies. Active sustainability – for example,
in form of the reduction of emissions or neutralizing measures – is constantly increasing in relevance, setting off CO2 emissions is trendy.

Politicians are asking for actions, and a large number of internationally leading companies have taken up the issue of CO2 emissions. Even ecological hardliners like WWF and Greenpeace have come to see the benefits of the activities of the industries – provided that they demonstrate good intentions, authenticity and responsible actions.

The media has also adopted the topic but its coverage diverges greatly: some start their own initiatives while others add fuel to the fire of the competition. It is a fact that there is hardly any other word communicated, discussed and interpreted as intensely as the issue of CO2.

It is inevitable that today’s marketing becomes involved in this discussion as well. Although “Green Marketing” or “Environmental Marketing” has been immanent in the specialist media and journals for many years, the frequency with which these terms have been used has increased considerably in the recent past.
That is our starting point. We are interested in questions such as in how far the current
CO2 debate impacts live-marketing and how a company can make these terms become reality in an authentic and credible way.



Download the study here (PDF).


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