Artists soar through the air on the stage of VEKA anniversary Living Spaces

Living spaces for
VEKA anniversary


VOK DAMS designs living spaces for VEKA anniversary

VEKA AG is the world market leader in the manufacture of plastic profile systems used for the production of windows, doors, roller shutters and sliding doors. The group also produces plastic panels and operates a recycling plant for old plastic windows.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary VEKA AG invited to celebrate together at its headquarters in Sendenhorst and to express their appreciation to customers and employees.

VOK DAMS, together with the marketing managers at VEKA AG, conceived and realised two highly emotional gala evenings with 1,200 and 1,800 guests, respectively, in a temporary gala hall specially erected for the event, under the motto: "50 years of VEKA - We design living spaces" on a 40m x 110m large stage.

The highlight: a tailor-made show in five acts on the big stage, which formed a three-dimensional VEKA City with a 16m x 5m LED and four dynamically movable frames and which was already animated by street musicians to set the mood at the entrance. To the surprise of the guests, two unusual fans of VEKA AG, who knew the products up close, led through the story of the two gala events: two window cleaners who turned out to be vertical acrobats. In the first act they had a duel on the LED, which they played crosswise and up and down. The illusion was made perfect by the film shown on the LED with the dizzyingly high skyscraper facades of VEKA City, to which the window cleaners acted synchronously. Jumping from façade to façade, they wiped the eleven milestones of VEKA's history free until the anniversary. The second act dealt with the worldwide expansion of VEKA AG and showed video messages with the congratulations of the worldwide locations, which were repeatedly reflected in the facades. This journey was navigated energetically by dancers with large movable mirrors. Akt 3 translated the basis for the company's success - the 7-star quality and the values - into a spectacular acrobatics performance with real VEKA frames. Act 4 was dedicated to the passion of the employees, implemented with a large youth choir from Münster, which presented the greatest hits and social highlights of the past five decades in a specially arranged medley, before the window cleaners interactively opened a large window to the band again in Act 5, thus seamlessly initiating the transition to the party. To the songs of the show band the emotions reached their absolute climax. The guests left the events with the feeling of having the right partner or employer in VEKA. A feeling that the two innovation events for customers, suppliers and business partners (tour of the new Welcome Centre and guided tour of the plant) further strengthened the feeling.




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