Illuminated Monitors of the Digital Conference Series for the EU Delegation in the U.S.

Digital conference series for EU delegation to the United States

VOK DAMS organizes digital conference series for EU Delegation to the United States

The European Union Delegation to the United States (EUDEL) commissioned VOK DAMS to produce a series of digital events in the run-up to the 2020 US presidential election. The experts for events and live marketing organized digital panel discussions within the framework of the national congresses with the aim of strengthening the partnership between the EU and the USA and highlighting potentials for political cooperation.

Over the course of two days, a total of 543 US representatives, including members and staff of the US Congress, Democratic and Republican Party officials, US policy experts as well as business leaders and media participated in the digital panels. In addition to press access, there was a live stream of the events on YouTube for the public audience that thousands of viewers watched.

The conference feed was provided by the VOK DAMS Virtual Conference Center for Digital and Hybrid Event Solutions. A digital event environment was created in the studio in the form of a "Contactless Roundtable" that showed the speakers on screens and created visually powerful impressions for the viewers. The panels were complemented by pre-recorded media elements and audience engagement using a platform that allowed interaction through questions and comments.

VOK DAMS created a series of high-quality panel discussions with a holistic digital concept including technical implementation for EUDEL, thus contributing to strengthening the EU-US relations.


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