Laptop with different screens shows Merck & Pfizer digital sales force meeting

Digital Sales Force Conference for Merck & Pfizer

Merck and Pfizer trust in VOK DAMS for Gamification Concept of Digital Sales Force Conference

Together with the marketing department of Merck and the training department of Pfizer, VOK DAMS developed a digital sales force conference. Basis was the global training concept of both companies. During the three days of the event, about 100 sales representatives went on an exciting mission through the Merck and Pfizer universe and explored together a newly launched indication extension of an oncological product of the alliance of Merck and Pfizer.

The journey through the universe, and the contents of a kit with outfits and workshop elements sent to all participants in advance, became connecting elements during the event. On individual planets, content-based tasks had to be solved, which made further travel and the successful completion of the overarching mission possible in the first place. Another highlight was an exit game specially developed for this event, in which the individual teams could put their knowledge to the test. The winning team with the most points could finally look forward to an award at the end of the event.

With a digital concept adaptation, content creation, design and overall project management, VOK DAMS created a distinctive digital sales force conference with a focus on knowledge transfer and team building. With the gamification concept of VOK DAMS, the participants were able to explore the facts about the newly launched product in a playful way, which kept the attention span high throughout the event.


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