A moderator stands on a stage next to a screen showing the Estonian government's Virtual Conference Center

Virtual Conference Center as Hybrid Event solution

Estonian Government opts for digital conference format

In these uncertain times we all have to work together to find new solutions and technologies to ensure businesses can continue to operate. Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions.

With the “Live” aspect of Live marketing currently on hold, VOK DAMS teamed up with Estonian partners Royal Experience and Miltton New Nordics and is now able to offer an online conference platform suitable for the current COVID-19 situation.

A virtual conference stage, connecting various levels of participation and stakeholders. 100% remote and securely accessible. Speakers, media and audience all connected and able to interact from the safety of their home office. With a live moderator to guide and direct the proceedings, avoiding participants talking over each other and ensuring a smooth progress.

With only a small technical crew on location required, all the relevant health precautions are in place to create a visually attractive setting perfect to share on online video platforms for reference and large scale publicity after the live broadcasting.

Early March the first virtual conference was produced for the Estonian government in Tallinn covering the upcoming school closures. An emotional subject for all parties involved, for which direct interaction between officials, concerned parents and the media was desired. A situation where the usual teleconferencing setup would not have sufficed.

8000 Estonian parents were connected via livestream and were able to ask their questions to the four government and school board representatives through chat messages with the moderator. The representatives connected from their homes and could be seen live on the studio screen. Additionally 10 journalists were connected remotely and presented on individual tablet screens, from which they could ask their questions live.

The conference lasted 45 minutes and was live streamed for anyone with vested interest in the matter at hand. In total 37,000 (in a country with a total population of 1.3 million) people watched the conference online since the original live streaming.

VOK DAMS, Royal Experience and Miltton New Nordics currently have this virtual conference setup standby and ready for action in both Estonia and Germany, with a choice of moderators in various languages. With VOK DAMS Global network we are able to set up virtual conferences in any country in the world on short notice.

Virtual Conferencing with a human touch, without actual any touching involved; Made for these uncertain times.


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