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Gala Award
for SEAT


VOK DAMS: Gala Award for SEAT Press Conference

It was rather an ambitious task the event specialists of the VOK DAMS Group were assigned with by SEAT for the Geneva Auto Salon 2014: ensure the journalists at the press conference experience two completely different cars in both a highly informative and emotional manner and immerse them deeply into the SEAT brand world – all in a mere 15 minutes.

Two cars – one message: Technology to Enjoy. Focus of the concept of VOK DAMS creative department – Creative Solutions: to create the eye catcher of the Auto Show and to tell a story, in which the two new SEAT models feature as the heroes.

The Mii by Mango, a distinctively stylish city car, was revealed by what is probably the most famous pleated skirt in the history of film, worn by THE very style icon Marilyn Monroe. The dynamic reveal of the new SEAT Leon Copra, which is characterized by its special dynamics and speed, was staged in slow motion. Time stood still for a short moment – as the artists moved in extra slowly allowing the Leon Cupra to present itself on stage dynamically and seemingly at breakneck speed.

A concept that also convinced the international jury of the Gala Awards. They awarded this successful talk-of-the-fair production the Gala Award in the category BEST EVENT.

This year, the ceremonial award-presentation of the Gala Awards, which takes place yearly during the leading trade show “The Special Event”, was held at Anaheim, Calif.




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