Jessica Lindner

VOK DAMS Shanghai: into the Year of the Horse with Jessica Lindner

The Chinese horoscope characterizes the year of the horse, which has only just started, as follows: “The year of the wood horse is shaped by an almost unstoppable zest for action. This year, everything that makes sense and is feasible should also be put into practice. Resolute action with unusual solutions is now to be preferred over the extensive weighing up of different possibilities.”

Just as if it had been customized this horoscope also befits the new manager of the Shanghai office of VOK DAMS China Jessica Lindner.

A zest for action, decisiveness and unusual solutions form the recurrent theme of her professional life so far. High School in Seattle, a degree in Business Administration in London and Berlin– occupational stations in Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and, since 2009, in China.

Jessica Linder has acquired her more than 10-year-long expertise in live-marketing on the client-side, such as with Emirates Airline, as well as on the part of the agency working for clients like BMW or Volkswagen.

At VOK DAMS Shanghai Jessica Lindner can directly delve into several accounts and takes over an incredibly motivated and successful team.





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