Profilbilder von drei Personen von der Kiron University - Projekt Management VOK DAMS

VOK DAMS launches
CSR Initiative


Kick-off Initiative “Future through Education”

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the entrepreneurial social responsibility, which is the voluntary contribution of the industry towards a sustainable development, going beyond the governmental and legal requirements (compliance).

So much for the theory. In practice it is about supporting and promoting the integration of refugees and to create the basis for a joint future through qualifications and intercultural tolerance.

As internationally operating agency for events and live-marketing, VOK DAMS has now taken the initiative. Following the motto “Future Through Education” it now starts a cooperation with Kiron Open Higher Education, Berlin https://kiron.ngo by sponsoring three bachelor students in the subjects business, architecture and intercultural studies.

In addition to this, an online-tool generated study materials for the students, which were handed over to Kiron and its students.

“In our industry especially, knowing different cultures and knowing how to address different international target groups respectively is highly significant. A good reason, to interlink social commitment with education and qualification. This allows people, who had to leave their countries, not only the possibility to establish themselves, but they will also positively contribute to the economic development of Germany”, Colja M. Dams, CEO of VOK DAMS, sums up the motivation behind VOK DAMS’ commitment.





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