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Doubly marked
by success


Lufthansa and VOK DAMS: Doubly marked by success

Exactly 88 years ago, in 1926, the Deutsche Lufthansa was founded.
Reason enough to celebrate this anniversary in China, as the number eight signifies good luck in the Chinese culture. Thus it was no coincidence that the Olympic Games in Beijing were opened on the 8.8.2008 at 8.08 o’clock local time.

Which anniversary could better represent the successful commitment of Lufthansa in China than the double 8? This is why the event in Shanghai also stood for double success – both in the past and in the future.

About 200 VIP guests experienced the presentation of Lufthansa’s new future-oriented premium economy class. Very close up and directly they could experience more space, more service and more extras provided by the new long-haul class. After that, guests went through a time tunnel that took them back to the origins of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

For this important event Lufthansa trusted the expertise of VOK DAMS Shanghai. Ensuring that a perfect synthesis of organizational perfection and sensitive, culturally-specific address was implemented. On the 27th of November, the anniversary will then be celebrated in Beijing.

Lufthansa and VOK DAMS doubly marked by success.





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