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Marketing in China - There’s nothing like the live experience

For several marketing managers the Chinese market is still an Eldorado. Many books, articles and blog posts were written to explain to us, how to successfully sell products there.

In a country that places particular significance on personal contact, events and live-marketing have a particularly high significance.

How has the industry developed over the past 10 years? VOK DAMS, one of the leading agencies for events and live-marketing worldwide has now published its experiences in the “Middle Kingdom” as a whitepaper – China Insights.

The Chinese consumer is becoming increasingly quality-conscious, the potentiality lies beyond the major metropolises, digital is on the rise. These are just three of the topics covered in the whitepaper. China is undergoing a permanent change process. This poses both great chances but also tremendous challenges for successful live-marketing. China Insights gives valuable recommendations and suggestions, based on the successful 10-year event-story of an international, multicultural team.

China Insights can be obtained free of charge at info@remove-this.vokdams.de.




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