Portrait von Melanie Piorek Mitarbeiterin von VOK DAMS

Melanie Piorek
joins creative.solutions


VOK DAMS creative.solutions expands 360-Degree Communications

To boost both creative output and competence in direct 360-degree communications, Melanie Piorek joins the Hamburg-based creative.solutions-team of VOK DAMS, agency for communication and live-marketing.

With this, the creative division consistently expands the consulting branch of multichannel communications, extends the services offered by VOK DAMS and adheres to the several customer requests for integrated creative approaches and solutions.

Previously, Melanie Piorek worked at the media production company United Visions in Berlin. With more than 10-years in the business, Piorek has a wealth of experience in PR, communications and media. She learned her craft from the ground up, having rounded off her education with a master’s degree in multimedia management.

During her previous workstations and her work on the agency-side, she demonstrated her competence for clients such as Jamba, Volkswagen and Škoda.

At VOK DAMS creative.solutions the new Art & Creative Director will work for exciting pitches and projects and contribute to create extraordinary and successful concepts.




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