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New mobile service
in guest management


New mobile service in guest management

VOK DAMS guest management develops Wallet Access and Digital Signing

The ever-growing success of the guest management team of VOK DAMS, agency for events and live-marketing, is no coincidence. Without doubt, 25 years of experience with international guests provide a wholesome foundation. However, what is even more decisive is to intently follow the ever-changing technological possibilities and communication trends and to then integrate them into the further development of guest management. Appreciation of the guest always is always the very focal point in all further developments. And what can be more appreciative than to place the guest’s individual requirements into the focus? In society, the megatrend sustainability becomes ever more important, in the technological area it is all about mobile communication. And this is the basis on which the VOK DAMS guest management team has developed two new tools for their guest management software.

Wallet Access

Making the check-in procedure a lot easier and more hassle-free, as now guests no longer need to print out several papers and remember to bring them along to the event. Instead, they simply open the wallet or pass-book app on the smartphone and the QR-code is retrieved on site. What we are familiar with, e.g. for flight tickets, is now a possibility at guest management as well.

Digital Signing

Especially if guests are requested to sign something, the amount of paper used can quickly accumulate to an immense mass. VOK DAMS Digital Signing is both sustainable and simpler. Simply sign on site at a tablet and all is done with. Wallet Access and Digital Signing – two innovative solutions – sustainable, simple to handle and – above all, saving resources. VOK DAMS guest management has again and again developed innovative solutions.

The immense success of the recently launched standard registration tool VOK DAMS STAR, which was designed for the self-contained, independent application at client companies, proves that the Wuppertal-based creative developers keep on launching practical solutions, which focus on the guest rather than on mere technological options.




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