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New Specialist book Live Campaigns published

In the "Essentials" series published by Springer Fachmedien, Colja M. Dams and Professor Stefan Luppold present a new specialist book that continues their first publication "Hybride Events".

Colja M. Dams and Stefan Luppold give in this essential impulses, formulate answers, explain connections and begin the proof for the success of new marketing concepts in the lived practice. In 2016, the two experts had explained the future of hybrid events in a first approach and established ten basic rules for their use. The focus is no longer on the sender-oriented messages of the brand or product world, but on the dialogue with the target groups. Now follows an update with "Live Campaigns - Event Campaigns as a Concept for Effective Marketing Communication".

Using practical examples for practical use, the authors show that live campaigns fundamentally change the event topography and focus on face-to-face communication, away from a pure communication channel and towards the central POC (Point of Content). Interaction and target groups play just as important a role as the possibility of driving such a concept without a time limit.

Colja M. Dams is CEO of the VOK DAMS Group, a leading international communications agency for events and live-marketing, which specializes in direct, experience- and result-oriented marketing communication.

Professor Stefan Luppold is head of the Business Administration - Trade Fair, Congress and Event Management course at the Baden-Württemberg University (DHBW) in Ravensburg. He is the author of numerous specialist books and a member of several specialist committees and industry associations, including as head of the State Commission for Trade Fairs, Events and Tourism of the Baden-Württemberg Economic Council.

The book appeared in German language with the publishing house Springer specialized media Wiesbaden in a print version and as eBook. https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783658244347





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