With advancing digitalization, the development of artificial intelligence and an increased focus on sustainability, a whole new level of marketing is being reached. At VOK DAMS worldwide, we call this Next Level Marketing.

Events have long since expanded into the digital or hybrid space. Digitalization is constantly evolving in the event sector. In the coming years, artificial intelligence will also become an indispensable tool in event marketing.

A new hybrid mindset is becoming increasingly apparent in live marketing - an awareness of the freedom of choice when planning events - live, digital and hybrid. This freedom of choice and independence are increasingly accompanying us in live marketing. The fusion of events and technology opens up fascinating perspectives and promises an exciting, sustainable future for the event industry.

Developments in event and live marketing

While digital events have become much more popular in recent years, the campfire gene in all of us has led us back to live events. We are convinced that this trend will continue. However, progressive digitalization is opening up completely new opportunities to get in touch with target groups - there is considerable potential here. Long-term hybrid event strategies are becoming increasingly popular.

The ongoing development of artificial intelligence is opening up immense opportunities, particularly in the area of live marketing. We are seeing that technological innovations such as AI not only open up new perspectives, but also create a fascinating link between the digital and real worlds. The result is a symbiosis of technological progress and human interaction that promises a versatile and exciting future for marketing. AI will revolutionize the way events are planned, executed and experienced. It enables a multitude of improvements and innovations that will benefit both event organizers and participants. Whether in project management, creativity, visualization, event experience or event analysis.

Digitalization and sustainability on the rise

Remote and digital working in companies has led to a digital self-image. Completely new formats are therefore emerging in the area of brand experience. The holistic view of the customer journey is increasingly becoming the focus of marketing strategists.

Hybrid events combine the best of both worlds - live and digital merge into a new whole. This is a long overdue development in events that will continue to have a significant impact on communication with the various target groups.

But the needs of target groups are also increasingly changing. The autonomy and freedom of choice of the individual and thus individualization are becoming more and more central. As a result, data - including "small data" - is becoming increasingly relevant in (live) marketing: For successful, personalized campaigns. For measuring the ROI. Artificial intelligence will also play a central role here in order to effectively collect and use event analytics.

These include live, hybrid, digital events and open event platform solutions, events in the metaverse and corporate experience hubs that accompany next-level marketing. AI, data and live+ marketing automation are becoming crucial elements for successful event communication.

Common denominator of all formats: Sustainability. Environmental protection and social responsibility are becoming increasingly important. Sustainability is becoming a fundamental building block for the success of events. With agile event management, recognized certifications and advancing technologies, events are becoming sustainable, future-oriented experiences for everyone in economic, ecological and social terms.

We are building on an innovative and sustainable event future that brings people together and inspires them.


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