The digitization of live marketing opens up a whole new world of experiences and formats. At VOK DAMS we embrace this as “Next Level Marketing”.

When it comes to live marketing, we have seen a substantial shift to the digital or hybrid space. Digitization is now securely cemented in the event industry. As digitization further develops, more and more opportunities will be opening up to connect and influence target groups in a meaningful and impactful way.

A new hybrid mindset is increasingly emerging in live marketing – the awareness of the freedom of choice in the planning of events. Live, digital and hybrid, the choice is yours. This freedom of choice and subsequent communication independence are becoming more and more important in live marketing.

Developments in Event and Live Marketing

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has changed the world. The event and exhibition industry was one of the first ones affected substantially, with live events rapidly suspended even before the lockdown began.

Many events were moved directly to the Internet – and many customers noticed right away that a 1:1 transmission of an on-site event to an online one is not as straightforward as one would have it, and not as impactful as one had imagined.

The initial Corona shock phase was followed by the "experimental phase". After which most companies entered a kind of "waiting phase" over the summer months. Since then, we are in the "strategic phase". With the advancing digitization, completely new possibilities are opening up to engage with the target groups, influencer hearts and minds, strengthen brand personalities and reached out further. Without the usual real life barriers of space and time, digital live marketing has considerable potential to change our industry forever.

There will be no back to before

There will be no "back to before". The collective mindset with regards to travel and meetings has changed too much for that. The new digital of working has led to a digital first approach. Sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role. Completely new formats are therefore emerging in the area of brand experience. The holistic view of the customer journey is becoming the focus of marketing strategists, and the digital approach is and will be an important part of that journey.

Live events will continue to exist, as the deep human desire for community, social contact with other people – aka the "campfire gene" – is as strong as it ever was. True live will be combined with digital to add value and agility to the experience, combining the best of both worlds - live and digital merge into hybrid. This is a long overdue development in events, which will continue to significantly shape communication from here onwards.

With the ongoing digitalization, the target group needs and desires are also changing. Autonomy and freedom of choice of the individual and thus personalization are becoming more and more important. This means that data – including “small data” – is becoming more relevant in (live) marketing. To achieve successful, personalized campaigns, and for measuring ROI.

Next Level Marketing has a wealth of possible tools and formats. There are live, hybrid, digital events and open event platform solutions. Events in the metaverse and corporate experience hubs. Data and Live+ Marketing Automation become crucial elements for successful event communication.


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