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 Nobody does China outbound like VOK DAMS China.

With more than 10 years of established credentials in creating unique brand experiences across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, the firm is an established market leader for Chinese clients who are producing events overseas. Whether it’s creative large-scale events for brands, meetings and incentive travel for employees or curated, unforgettable hospitality for VIP guests, VOK DAMS has you covered. All over the world.

“Over the years, we’ve built a strong portfolio of value-added services and partners specializing in China outbound events,” explained Katja Sassi-Bucsit, General Manager, VOK DAMS China. “For example, within the last four years in Europe alone, we’ve hosted multiple events for Chinese clients in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Our future vision is that, as China further ascends onto the world stage, it will be more and more important to service Chinese clients and brands in Europe and beyond.” Ms. Sassi-Bucsit also points out that one of today’s trends is that more clients prefer to assign a full-service agency rather than a travel agency to their outbound events, which leads to more impactful experiences for guests.

This fact was on display during March 2018, when MINI once again assigned VOK DAMS China as the agency to produce its annual dealer partner conference and dealer award ceremony in the United Kingdom. With an event dramaturgy that played out over several action-packed days in Oxford and London, the MINI China dealer community explored the brand like never before, discovering the story behind MINI’s iconic brand culture and celebrating the previous year’s accomplishments in a one of a kind venue. The live campaign featured several standout experiences and event design concepts, all adapted for the predominantly Chinese audience:

_An unconventional partner conference held at the MINI plant in Oxford, in which event scenography and live performances were seamlessly integrated with keynote presentations telling the story of MINI and revealing the exciting new MINI LCI range
_A walking tour through Oxford to immerse guests in the original, inimitable British culture that MINI represents
_A vintage MINI car city tour in London, with the car owners and local residents as hosts
_A dealer award ceremony at the world-famous London Palladium, featuring entertainment by Mandopop stars Fish Leong and Shin
_An invitation only after party at one of The City’s hippest hotspots, the Toy Room Club

“A global network is only as strong as the sum of its parts,” says Ms. Sassi-Bucsit. “We are fortunate to have colleagues and partners globally who go above and beyond to ensure that every one of our outbound events crushes objectives and wows guests. In this case, our UK-based affiliate was 100% committed to help us make a highly memorable experience for guests, deliver absolute value for every bit of marketing spend, and celebrate with an extremely happy client.”





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