Rituals in Live-Marketing

Within the last decade the obstacles for marketing professionals are increasing.
The rapid changes in the needs and preferences of the customers accompanied by constant improvements in technology have made many advertising techniques obsolete or inefficient. On the one hand everything has to be innovative and new but on the other hand brand-recognition and customer-loyalty have to be protected and improved. The question is how to integrate both „directions“ in one strategy even though they seem to be adverse at first sight.

As one of the leading companies in Live-Marketing we have a close contact to the affected parties. Therefore we are aware of the arising problems and have an adequate answer! This is the reason why we decided to publish the study at hand.

As the headline presumes, the focus is on rituals as an instrument in Live-Marketing. But our suggestions are not based on serendipity. Instead they are grounded on the findings in recent academic research as well as our specialized knowledge and experience in this topic. So we issued this helpful „guideline“ to show you the advantages or rituals in marketing as a whole and for Live-Marketing purposes in particular.

Followed by some theoretical information we present the results of a survey we conducted among business people. Even though we were surprised that only a few companies actually employ rituals in their marketing efforts we found out that most of the interviewees are interested in the topic and believe that rituals can indeed improve the efficiency of their marketing measures.

Being your reliable Live-Marketing specialist we want to inform you as our partner about the chances and risks of rituals in your marketing strategy so you can take action before your rivals do. Enjoy reading and feel free to contact us for further consultation! Our everyday life is changing rapidly. The time we use certain products is declining since innovations substitute for them. The pressure to invest successfully in R&D projects is accompanied by the necessity to reinvent the brand image frequently. Additionally the way of presenting new products has to adapt to constantly changing environmental conditions. This leads to some difficulties in business life, particularly in marketing departments.

A set of instruments is offered by the fields of innovation management and entrepreneurship. Although the available methods are tailor-made for some of the concerns, they do not dissolve worries arising from declining customer loyalty and brand recognition. Furthermore utilizing the findings in these sciences is very complex and often expensive. This creates an immediate need to fill the gap.

One promising keyword is “rituals”. Most of us are not really sure what is considered as a ritual and many people are not aware of the benefits arising from the application of rituals. But the artifacts under consideration are a very powerful and efficient support for all marketing activities since they resort to behavioral pattern used in our daily life. In particular, rituals might be capable of overcoming severe problems such as decreasing brand recognition and brand loyalty.

Interestingly, the advanced analysis of rituals in science is relatively new and marketing research focusing on the topic is rare. Since the ideas underlying rituals are not unequivocally linked in our minds, we want to give you an insight into this very promising and useful topic. On the following pages we will explain the term ritual and the accompanying subdimensions. Additionally we will show you how rituals work in our every day life and how they can be utilized in Live- and Event-Marketing.

To take a in-depth look at the topic we carried out a randomized telephone survey amongst marketing experts.



Download the study here (PDF).


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