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SAFETY CHECK – VOK DAMS Worldwide first event agency to offer event safety check

You might know this feeling of slight unease while preparing for your all-important event. Have we thought of every conceivable scenario? Have we taken all factors into consideration? Have we crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s? Nowadays, events are multifaceted and multilayered large scale productions with intense involvement of high value stakeholders, participants and on-site personnel. The responsibilities of the event managers are extensive and is easy to lose track of certain aspects of the event.

This might be excusable when it concerns the catering or the branding, but when it comes to the safety and security of the guests, clients and staff, one can’t afford any risk. The safety of everybody involved in the event is of paramount importance. Evacuation routes, fire escapes, security personnel, official regulations, occupational safety, fire protection, storms, floods. The checklist of safety requirements seems virtually endless and a little daunting.

To streamline and simplify the safety and security assessment, VOK DAMS Worldwide has developed the VOK DAMS SAFETY CHECK; an application based on the agency’s many years of international event planning and production experience. A tailor-made package of procedures can be implemented either by the client, by VOK DAMS or even by a third party. Although we don’t recommend the last option…

VOK DAMS SAFETY CHECK means detailed analysis and practical solutions to increase safety and avoid additional costs. “Our experience in numerous projects has shown that the topic of safety must be an integral part of the event planning from the start. With the VOK DAMS SAFETY CHECK we check and double check everything that makes the event and its participants safer. Even though risks can’t never be completely eradicated, we can ensure that all safety and security aspects have been comprehensively considered. Better safe than sorry,” concludes Christian Schlüter, Chief Growth Officer VOK DAMS Worldwide.





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