Three Live Events for Porsche by VOK DAMS China

VOK DAMS and Porsche China: Three Live Events for Porsche at the Zhuhai International Circuit

The experts for events and live-marketing VOK DAMS and Porsche are going back live in China. The “Porsche Track Experience”, the “Porsche Sports Cup China” and “An Exclusive Date with Porsche 2020” are three events which were produced by VOK DAMS and which took place within nine days at the Zhuhai International Circuit, Guangdong. At all three events Porsche enthusiasts could satiate their hunger for high speed driving and competition on all levels. The three events for Porsche China included all driving disciplines: track, dynamic, scenic and off-road.

During the two-day “Porsche Track Experience”, approx. 100 participants were able to improve their driving skills on track during specific driving courses. The two-day “Porsche Sports Cup China” presented five exciting series and track experiences to accommodate all skill levels. The five-day event “An Exclusive Date with Porsche 2020” allowed 120 Porsche customers and prospects per day not only track driving, but also scenic drives, dynamic driving, off-road driving and a Porsche Taycan workshop.