Three employees of VOK DAMS and BMG-Solutions stand in a circle and decide on the quality system "Health and Safety" at events

New Quality System "Health and Safety" with BGM-Solutions

Together for safe events: VOK DAMS and BGM-Solutions develop a quality system for Event Health and Safety under COVID-19

Experts from two different industries have combined their knowledge and experience and jointly developed a quality system for Health & Safety during events. With this system, all applicable safety and health standards are specified for events of all sizes. Event organizers and clients can easily implement the quality system. It offers additional security in terms of duty of care and organizer liability as well as increased confidence for guests attending the events.

In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of new rules and regulations have arisen for public events and functions, which must be observed in addition to the established Health & Safety standards. In order to create security and trust, experts from the fields of health and event management have joined forces and created a new, tailor-made quality system in a unique cooperation. The VOK DAMS specialists for guest management have expanded their proven ticketing system with a Pandemic Health Care Option of the start-up company BGM-Solutions. Important elements are, among others, specialized hygiene plans, digital self-assessment and optionally expandable technical solutions for the locations such as intelligent access control, indoor routing or distance control. Thanks to the comprehensive and long-standing expertise of the participant management specialists at VOK DAMS, all criteria are taken into account that meet both the official security requirements for events and data protection guidelines (DSGVO).

"Our goal is simple: to make events happen again and make them as safe as possible at the same time. With this quality system, we offer all clients - as well as venues and agencies - that are currently planning and implementing events, a simple and practical solution that offers safety for the participants and at the same time lowers liability risks for the organizers substantially," says Colja Dams, CEO of the international VOK DAMS Group. "Our guest management experts, together with BGM-Solutions and scientific support, have worked flat out to develop this unique Health & Safety quality system for events. It’s an unique cooperation; bundling and bringing together the best expertise in the fields of safety, events and health from very different industries.

"Qualified protection concepts and digital recording are currently indispensable for the event industry until further notice to deal with the fallout of COVID-19. For all those who are currently planning and implementing events, we therefore offer an efficient digital tool to support the overall concept. It enables organizers and clients to conveniently and reliably meet the relevant Health & Safety criteria and qualify their event as a 'Safe Event'," adds Managing Director Christian Kuckartz of BGM-Solutions GmbH. "At the same time, it is easy to implement, gets to the core of all essential factors and - if required - also offers assistance with additional questions. We are pleased that with VOK DAMS we have been able to win over one of the leading agencies for events and especially hybrid events*.”

"We have brought together the best know-how from each of the necessary areas of expertise. The health management start-up BGM-Solutions has essential expertise for everything to do with occupational safety and health management, which is indispensable especially in the current developments around COVID-19. In addition, we have brought in our many years of experience in the implementation and security of events. Together, we have developed a detailed catalogue of criteria that has been incorporated into the quality system," says Colja Dams, describing the approach.

The aim of the event quality system is to minimize risks - from occupational safety for the employees, to holistic health protection for everyone involved. Extensions with additional digital formats for event management or technical equipment of events are possible. The specialists from VOK DAMS and BGM-Solutions are always available for the implementation and offer their expertise in all aspects of events.

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*Hybrid events: Events that can be attended both digitally and physically.




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