Keynote John M. Cohn at VOK DAMS TrendLab

21. TrendLab
a cult event


21. VOK DAMS TrendLab: A cult event with potential!

When the internationally operating agency group VOK DAMS worldwide invites to its annual TrendLab, the industry listens. After all, it is an exclusive event to which, in addition to specialist journalists, only customers and potential customers are invited to discuss current developments and to get to know new trends.

More than 100 participants followed the invitation to Frankfurt to discuss the question of how agility and agile working methods will change the event industry today and in the future. Alongside Colja M. Dams, agency group CEO, who illustrated how implementing agile event management from agile mindset to agile values and principles through a variety of agile trading tools, Keynote speaker John M. Cohn, IBM Fellow IoT, said in his speech "The Importance of Play" that the playful approach not only makes creativity possible, but is also a suitable tool to deal better with breaks in life or in the development of brands.

Agility could be experienced. For example, with the first public presentation of the new VOK DAMS tool "Out of the Box". “Digital tools” gave participants new digital optimization tools for guest management. At the station "Agile Agency" gave the digital Taskforce of VOK DAMS an insight into the experiences in the concrete implementation of Agile Event Marketing in practice.

Agile Transformation of Events: The 21st VOK DAMS TrendLab once again thrilled the participants and continues the series of events that has become a cult item for information, discussion and the exchange of experiences for an exclusive group of guests.

A small cinematic impression under: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Deb9M26_Lng




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