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Emotional connections through gamification

Virtual live events and home office: VOK DAMS introduces home office gamification to boost emotional connections

As one of the leading agencies for events and live marketing, VOK DAMS creates memorable and personal experiences by connecting brands and people. The integration of impactful “WOW” moments are important for emotional connections but generally more difficult to achieve in a virtual setting. Likewise, shared live experiences cannot be replaced by standard online conferences in the home office. The VOK DAMS solution: gamification.

Gamification offers the opportunity to create a collective experience for brands and companies. The restrictions of team video calls are erased through new playful elements, creating a stronger sense of connection. Furthermore gamification makes customers or employees engage more strongly with a brand or a topic, increasing brand or company loyalty. Gamification provides a solid basis to create compelling concepts to develop content and stories for home office environments. And what would an event be without a concept?


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