VOK DAMS realizes sales kick-offs for Vodafone under the motto "GIGAStars Festival"

GIGAStars Corporate for Vodafone


Vodafones Sales Kick-off by VOK DAMS

Vodafone took advantage of their annual sales kick-off to celebrate their sales force’s accomplishments with a corporate festival aptly named "GIGAStars Festival"

Vodafone’s GIGAStars - 3,000 employees of the sales organizations - experienced an exciting festival in the halls of the Areal Böhler complex in Düsseldorf. Three key elements determined the program: the sales strategy meeting, among others with a captivating presentation by Vodafone CEO Hannes Ametsreiter. Secondly, the highly personal and sometimes emotional recognition and awarding of the top sales executives, and lastly, ample time and opportunity for the participants to network.

VOK DAMS was awarded the project - after an intensive pitch phase - with their on point festival concept and highly detailed implementation of creative content and event logistics.

With up to 1,300 guests per day for five days in a row, the GIGAStars Festival demanded flawless logistics and guest management. Areal Böhler with its 230,000 square meters of authentic industrial culture in a prime location offered the right logistical conditions. Combined with VOK DAMS logistical expertise, this lead to the successful implementation of back to back and simultaneous execution of the various festival elements.

Further dramaturgical highlights of the GIGAStars Festival included presentations and lectures enhanced with surprising theatrical and musical elements and the emotionally charged award ceremony, honoring the true sales GIGAStars. They were treated like true rock stars with spotlights, multimedia stage support and rock songs of the show band supported by Heavytones drummer Herb Jösch. Resulting in many tears of joy and even the occasional stage dive. A fitting and highly entertaining setting for the Vodafone GIGAStars.

Vodafone management loved the positive feedback from their employees and was highly appreciative about this fresh approach to their sales kick-off conference. They are now considering to continue this direction for future conferences.


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