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Auto Shanghai
proves car boom


VOK DAMS China: Auto Shanghai proves car boom

China is and remains the most important market for German automobile manufacturer. This is true for the volume market but also – and especially so – for the luxury car segment, as the car remains to be regarded as one of the most important status symbol in the middle kingdom. This market is clearly dominated by the three brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Thus, according to the statistics portal Statista the amount of cars sold by these brands has risen from approx. 180,000 in 2007 to an estimated 1.8 million in 2015 – and rising. More than a quarter of all German automobiles go to China.

This year, too, the Auto Shanghai is regarded as the most important mood barometer for the industry. And a record-breaking 900,000 visitors are expected emphasizing the trade show’s importance for the Chinese car market. The auto show has developed into one of the most important platforms for the dialog between manufacturer and customer.

The VOK DAMS China team confirms this increasing importance of the show. Katja Sassi-Bucsit, General Manager VOK DAMS China, described the trend as follows: “For years we have experienced a growth in projects for Chinese automobile shows. It is not just the amount of projects that is changing, but the type of assignments, too. A few years ago these were mainly hospitality projects, while now clearly the communication tasks are in focus.”

This year, too, VOK DAMS provides an updated city guide as an app for Apple and Android which can be downloaded free of charge for all those visiting the auto show. The app contains important information about the show and gives interesting tips around the exciting metropolis Shanghai.




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