An Ipad shows VOK DAMS CEO Colja Dams and IBM CDO Daniel Unkelhäußer

VOK DAMS & IBM for exciting next level digital marketing & events

VOK DAMS and IBM Collaborate to Help Companies Virtually Engage with Customers via Event and Experience Platform

VOK DAMS, one of the world's leading event and live marketing agencies, and IBM announced they are collaborating to facilitate virtual events and digital customer and brand experiences. By creating the platform "Marketing Experience Hub" which runs on IBM Cloud, VOK DAMS will enable companies to host events and fairs virtually during the pandemic and beyond and ensure seamless customer engagement.

Due to the pandemic, corporate conferences have shifted online. Companies and event organizers are forced to switch to digital and hybrid event formats and often time-consuming research, expensive trials and necessary compromises in the selection of the technical solution, are the consequence. To meet the increased volume of online events and the individual requirements of customers, VOK DAMS is working with IBM to expand its portfolio. The agency is working with IBM to develop an event platform that will enable enterprise clients to hold customized fairs and conferences virtually and innovative.

The marketing experts from VOK DAMS will design and implement new formats and event concepts that are developed individually for clients, based on the IT expertise, AI and cloud technologies from IBM that the platform is built on. Solutions such as IBM Watson Media Live Streaming or automated subtitling of digital event content are used according to the respective event concept. Customers can follow an event online, dial into parallel channels and interact with speakers via chat. AI solutions such as media libraries or newsrooms serve as a basis for addressing customers even before and after the event.

The customer and brand platform was created and implemented jointly by the IBM digital agency IBM iX in an agile IBM Garage Method approach. The open architecture of IBM Cloud enables the organizer to use data and AI running on different platforms. Thus, the main applications run out of the IBM Cloud region in Frankfurt, but especially when co-operating with clients, data and technologies can be run in a hybrid environment, such as on a private cloud or on premise at the client’s architecture. The result is a flexible solution that can be connected in all directions and is based on an established, highly innovative technology stack.

"The creation of our digital event platform is an example of how digitalization can be advanced in the shortest possible time" said Colja M. Dams, CEO of VOK DAMS worldwide. "With the marketing & event expertise of VOK DAMS and the technologies of IBM, we complement each other perfectly. I am proud that we can offer our customers a way to implement their digital and hybrid events in an even more innovative and exciting way in the future, knowing that the reliable implementation is in the best hands."

"Hybrid and virtual formats for conferences are here to stay, and IBM is dedicated to equipping clients with the technologies they need to succeed in this new era of business. Hybrid cloud allows brands to combine and access different platforms and data needed for the event. Clients can scale as needed and use data capacities according to demand, as well as target services in the cloud.", Daniel Unkelhäußer, Chief Digital Officer IBM DACH, explains.


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