Portrait Colja M. Dams CEO von VOK DAMS

Colja Dams
at eventforum


VOK DAMS international: Current marketing trends at #eventforum Prague

For the second time, the Czech industry magazine event&promotion hosted #eventforum. This year, the conference in Prague focused on aims and values of events. And thus it seamlessly followed up on the previous #eventforum, which looked at the measurability of events.

In Prague, not only contemporary event marketing was examined, but future trends of marketing were also scrutinized. Competent experts from companies and agencies attended the conference, such as representatives from Harley Davidson, HEINEKEN and VOK DAMS.

In his keynote “Trends in Events” Colja M. Dams, CEO of the VOK DAMS Group, stressed the important function of live-marketing for successful brand communication. Focus of his lecture was the innovative marketing approach of Live Campaigns – a strategic measure, which moves the importance of events even more into the core of the marketing mix. When looking at campaigns, live will no longer remain one communication channel of many. Rather, because it optimally caters for the requirements of the different target groups, live provides the content of the campaign, thus turning into the campaign’s epicenter. Simple campaigns become Live Campaigns.

This year again, the host’s objectives for #eventforum were reached: to offer inspiration to the participants from all over the world and to encourage them to network.




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