DLX = Digital
Live Xperience


VOK DAMS launches Digital Live Xperience VOK DAMS

DLX: Digital Live Xperience = communication deluxe. VOK DAMS worldwide is taking the next step in enhancing its performance and client service by bundling its many years of experience in hybrid events, live campaigns and agile event management into new one operational unit: DLX.

DLX allows companies to creatively use the dynamics of digital transformation for communication. DLX breaks up silos and thought patterns, bringing digital intelligence, measurability and reach together with the emotional and authentic power of live marketing.

The formula for measurable performance deluxe:

D: Digital teach, intelligence, automation and measurability.

+ L: authenticity and emotion of live communication.

= X: The Xperience with the deluxe factor. The perfect synchronization of digital and live. The sweet spot, where both accelerate each other, amplify their effect and generate measurable added value. The creative fusion of digital and live content into a powerful story.

Experience meets the joy of experimentation. DLX combines many years of creative, design, strategy, business, communication and digital skills with solid implementation know-how and deep connections to technology. The interdisciplinary team analyzes the DLX aspects of clients and combines this data with client strategy and budget framework to develop tailor-made creative DLX measures that deliver significant added value for business, brand and customer through the factor Live.

_Strategy deluxe

_Campaign deluxe

_Content deluxe

_Social media deluxe

_Customer Experience Center deluxe

_Festival deluxe

The VOK DAMS DLX experts:
Christopher Werth: "Our concepts are not just creative deluxe, they are also quantifiable and measurable."

Melanie Piorek: "For me, design means: the user experience has to be deluxe - whether real or virtual."

Melanie Heumann: "A campaign is deluxe when the story conveys across all media and leads to tangible change."

Colja M. Dams: "The next few years, the most exciting innovations will emerge at the interface between digital and live.”





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