Woman with red shoes sits on the floor and looks at the VOK DAMS Hybrid Event Open Platform on a laptop

Open Platform for Hybrid Events

VOK DAMS sets new standard for hybrid events: The VOK DAMS Hybrid Event Open Platform

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for digital events has grown exponentially in recent months. Yet, there’s still a human desire to meet face to face, to experience events together. These two aspects combined has lead to a rise in hybrid events. These events – being a mixture of live and online formats - enable participants to take part on site or online whatever fits their requirements best. With COVID-19 not yet fully under control, hybrid events are turning out the be the “go-to” experiential solution for companies and agencies around the world.

Thanks to many years of experience and competence in the digital, virtual and hybrid event sector, VOK DAMS is well prepared for this change of direction. VOK DAMS has been developing and producing platforms for digital, virtual, and hybrid events since the 1990s and has now combined and further developed all its knowledge and experience into the "VOK DAMS Open Platform for Hybrid Events".

“A flexible and simple digital solution will be essential for the production of future hybrid events. The VOK DAMS Open Platform meets the hybrid event requirements of guests, clients, with the possibility of adding tools and functions as per individual requirements. And all of this in full compliance with the GDPR rules and regulations.”, explains Martin Schulz, Director VOK DAMS Digital. The overall aim is to create an experience that is as exciting and technologically on par with the online entertainment, consumers are so used to today, e.g. Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The wide range and complexity of existing online services requires a new approach to utilizing such services for digital and hybrid events. The VOK DAMS open platform offers this new approach. It allows the flexibility to bundle proven services according to the concept. Whether Zoom, Webex, Vimeo, Meetyoo, PayPal or others; many existing and proven online services can be integrated into the open platform.

Via a single login - barrier free and securely accessible - the applications merge into a user friendly and individually branded interface. The result is a real digital event experience. IT / cyber security aspects and customer requirements are also taken into account and mapped. VOK DAMS draws on the wealth of experience gained from various certifications and audits.

With the "VOK DAMS Open Platform for Hybrid Events", the specification and composition of digital and live elements is adapted and controlled according to the situation and the client's requirements. This allows both live moments to be transferred to the digital world and digital contents to be used specifically at live events via a second screen. This approach makes hybrid events particularly attractive for both offline and online participants as both guest groups are treated to the same kind of content and experience. The digital aspect is no longer a second thought or an add-on to a live event; it now is an equal part of the event experience.


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